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myhaventime is a mindful multimedia platform to capture your creativity help you focus, learn and perform. Discover more:

Tap into your subconscious mind with vision boards and reflective prompts to inspire mindful goal setting

Whether you were directly affected by COVID-19 or felt unsettled or anxious at times, 2020 was a large, turbulent and unrelenting year for us all.

Though 2021 is full of fresh uncertainty, after the year that’s been and with the new year upon us, now is an opportune time to…

Enhance your critical thinking and problem solving for modern day challenges

‍In their article for Fast Company, Benjamin and Komlos write

“Humans can master highly sophisticated technical and technological challenges because we’re very skilled at making linear connections from one technical feat to the next. But when it comes to multi-dimensional challenges, it’s a whole different ball game.”

Multidimensional challenges are…

How to overcome the challenges of collaboration

Collaboration is a polarising concept. Many within an organisational context have experienced the increased output and productivity of a collaborative project and yet, conversely, the very prospect of collaboration can elicit negative memories of group assignments and projects for others.

Irrespective of experiences, good or bad, collaboration is a reality…

Learn how to create an environment for focus and deep work

Over the past few years we’ve been taught how to squeeze every last drop from every day. Paradigms of success, self-optimisation, and extreme productivity have created the illusion that multitasking, pervasive connectivity and constant activity equate to professional or academic success.

Actually, it is this hurried mindset and the constant…

Gone are the days of ‘move fast and break things’. Should all decision making now warrant time, analysis and thorough vetting‍?

In 2020 we saw immense transformation in the technology space — from telehealth to Zoom to broader digital adoption. Consequently government, financial, corporate and educational institutions quickly embraced new technologies to maintain competitiveness in a volatile market.

Though COVID-19 expedited the shift towards digital transformation and technological advancement, the reality…


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