Christmas Survival Guide: Staying Conscious

Simplify and eliminate the non-essentials

Use Christmas as a time to reflect and connect authentically

  • Journaling: Spare ten minutes everyday to document the moments that made you feel fulfilled and happy throughout the last year and during the Christmas period. You could do this in a traditional journal or using a mindfulness app like myhaventime which can be taken with you anywhere.
  • Gratitude: Foster more authentic connection by writing a letter to a loved one expressing your gratitude for their presence in your life — this is much more meaningful than a hallmark Christmas card.
  • Meditation: Just like the woman who I met travelling, try a loving-kindness meditation to build self-love and thoughts to those who you cannot see over Christmas.
  • Making: Remember what brought you joy in lockdown? Whether it was painting or sourdough making, put new skills to use by ‘making’ a gift as opposed to buying something that will be long forgotten come January.

Consume consciously

  • A voucher to a local cafe, restaurant, store or studio which was impacted by lockdown
  • A membership to a personal and professional development app like myhaventime which means the recipient can grow, invest in themselves and learn throughout the year
  • Purchasing from a marketplace such as Buy From the Bush which supports rural Australian communities and businesses
  • A mindfulness+ gift box from myhaventime: our new gift box which contains a collection of inspiring, local and sustainable pieces to enrich the lives of your friends, families or clients. With organic tea, essential oil and diffusers, journals and much more, the mindfulness+ gift box is designed to foster a sense of awareness and consciousness throughout Christmas time and into the new year.



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